Switchboard on Starknet

Push on Starknet

Starknet currently supports the Switchboard pusher contract.

A library for interacting with switchboard smart contracts written in Cairo for Starknet, a decentralized ZK Rollup.

Warning This repo contains experimental code. It hasn't been audited. Use at your own risk.


Prepare the environment

Simply install Cairo and scarb.

Set up your project

Create a new project and cd into it.

scarb new my_project && cd my_project

The contents of my_project should look like this:

$ ls

Scarb.toml src

Using Switchboard Push Receiver

The Switchboard Push Receiver is deployed at: 0x02b5ebc4a7149600ca4890102bdb6b7d6daac2fbb9d9ccd01f7198ca29107ec4

Open src/lib.cairo and write your contract.

The easiest way to use Switchboard on Starknet is to use the following simple interface:

// This will generate ISwitchboardPushDispatcher and ISwitchboardPushDispatcherTrait
trait ISwitchboardPush<State> {
    fn get_latest_result(self: @State, feed_id: felt252) -> (u128, u64);
mod MyProject {
    fn constructor(
        ref self: ContractState,
        switchboard_address: ContractAddress,
    ) {

    fn read_switchboard_value(
        ref self: ContractState,
        feed_id: felt252,
    ) -> (u128, u64) {
        let dispatcher = ISwitchboardPushDispatcher { contract_address: self.switchboard_address.read() };
        let (value, timestamp) = dispatcher.get_latest_result(feed_id);
        (value, timestamp)

For more information on using this please see the javascript and Cairo SDKs below

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