Switchboard Secrets

Welcome to the Switchboard Secrets documentation!This revolutionary feature allows you to securely embed sensitive information, such as API keys or private data, directly within your oracle feeds. Leveraging Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), Switchboard-Secrets ensures your data remains confidential, secure, and easily accessible when needed.

What is Switchboard-Secrets?

Switchboard-Secrets is a groundbreaking addition to our suite of on-demand oracle services. It enables you to embed secrets directly within the oracle feeds, ensuring maximum security and low latency. With Switchboard-Secrets, managing sensitive information becomes seamless and secure.

Pretty cool eh?...

Why Use Switchboard-Secrets?

  • Enhanced Security: Embeds secrets in confidential runtimes, ensuring they are inaccessible to unauthorized entities.

  • Efficiency: Eliminates the need for separate secret management systems by integrating directly with your oracle feeds.

  • Reliability: Built on Switchboard’s robust infrastructure, offering dependable and secure data management.

Practical Applications?

  • API Key Management: Securely store and retrieve API keys required for interacting with third-party services with your oracle feeds.

  • Private Data Embedding: Embed private data that needs to be accessed securely within a decentralized application.

  • Secure Transactions: Use embedded secrets to authenticate and authorize secure transactions within your smart contracts.

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