Switchboard On-Demand (Pull)

Welcome to the Switchboard Oracles On-Demand introduction page!

In this document, we will review the fundamentals of Switchboard and the unique value proposition of the on-demand oracle.

First, let's decide if this product offering is the right fit for you. Switchboard On-Demand is designed to be a cost optimized, lowest latency and high security data solution for blockchain applications.

Switchboard On-Demand is built to support high fidelity financial systems where users can specify how data is ingested and transformed from on chain or off chain sources.

Many pull-based blockchain oracles manage data consensus via their own L1 and then propagate to users, this approach causes:

  • Increased data staleness before reaching the user

  • Oracle operators advantage over the user before the communicated price is actionable

Switchboard Oracles On-Demand are run inside confidential runtimes, preventing the Oracle from observing the data they are collecting or operations they perform. Hence, end users in this innovative scenario always have the first look advantage via data propagation.

For your application, if you are in need of highly customizable, highly secure, low latency Oracle, Switchboard Oracles On-Demand is the solution you are looking for.

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