Why Switchboard On-Demand?

"I already have an oracle, why would I use this?!" - some panzi dev somewhere

Switchboard On-Demand is a new first-of-its-kind oracle paradigm for aggregating secure information on chain.

Since April 2021, Switchboard has secured billions of dollars of on-chain volume offering high security/ low latency guarantees for it's pricing data.

Why have people chosen Switchboard? - Customizability

"I chose Switchboard because it's a fast, reliable and allows me to build my own oracles!" I know exactly how my assets are priced" - some other dev, verified non-panzi

Blockchain oracles are NOT one-size-fits-all solutions. While some solutions focus very narrowly on pricing fidelity, other's focus on risk management, others on flexibility.

Switchboard has been heavily involved in the step-wise evolutions of each of these arch-types and, after viewing market behavior, have seen many pain points remain in oracles as a blockchain primitive.

As such, we looked to start back at the basics and build a new solution built on the principles of:

  • Offering the highest data security level to the protocol

  • Offering the cheapest solution to maintain data

  • Offering the fastest oracle in any blockchain ecosystem

  • Making the protocol as easy to use as possible

With these, our design goals have produced Switchboard-On-Demand.


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