Dependency apps setup in Kubernetes

Installing all dependency apps in Kubernetes in one step.

At this point, first step is to edit the 00-vars.cfg file with your favorite editor (nano, vim, emacs, ecc...) and add the data about your cluster.

Next step consists of installing a few dependencies needed to run our application. You can start the installation by running the following command and then keep reading below as it's running:

sleep 10s

It's a good time to remind you that at any moment you can open our scripts to read what they're doing, as all these are just easy, straightforward shellscripts with a few steps that we bundled together for being as convenient as possible.

That said, the script that is running now will install the following components:

  • LetsEncrypt JetStack Cert Manager

  • NGINX INgress

  • Node Feature Discovery and SGX operator

  • Infisical Secret Operator

  • Victoria Metric Agent

Each of these component serves a specific purpose but feel free to comment them or swap them out if you feel you have a good grasp of their role and feel like you want to take a different approach.

The script above is meant to be idempotent, so you can run it multiple times with no real danger at this point.

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