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The publisher site is a decentralized marketplace that allows anyone to build a data feed and deploy it on-chain. The site includes a directory of pre-defined feeds from popular sources such as Coinbase or Binance, as well as on-chain sources like Orca and OpenBook. The publisher site streamlines the on-chain workflow and allows a user to configure a data feed from a convenient UI.

The publisher allows you to build feeds on

  • Aptos [Mainnet / Testnet]
  • CoreDAO [Mainnet / Testnet]
  • NEAR [Mainnet / Testnet]
  • Solana [Mainnet-Beta / Devnet]
  • Starknet [goerli-alpha]


The publisher site includes some pre-defined sources to help developers publish data feeds. Pre-defined sources can be added to your basket by selecting them in the directory, from there you can toggle individual data sources to meet your on-chain needs.