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Program State

Switchboard is a multi-chain oracle, currently deployed on Aptos, NEAR, and Solana. Each is a native implementation with subtle differences but the overall architecture remains the same. The top-level program state account controls the token mint used for oracle rewards and data feed update costs for each queue.

Switchboard was architected to be permissionless and allow users to create and manage their own Switchboard network. Each chain can support many oracle queues, which can have varrying levels of security and trust assumptions.

Oracle Queues

An oracle queue is an independent realm of oracles, responsible for allocating oracle resources for update requests from data feeds, randomness, or buffer relayers. Oracle queue's act as an aggregator for on-chain consumers looking to publish data on-chain by specifying an upfront reward a requester is required to pay when a new update is requested by an oracle. Oracles act as an off-chain compute resource that can be utilized by on-chain programs needing a decentralized way to source data.