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Switchboard Oracle on Sui Mainnet

· 2 min read

Sui has officially launched to mainnet and Switchboard is thrilled to support developers in the Sui ecosystem with our oracle infrastructure!

Oracles play a crucial and integral role in the genesis of any blockchain mainnet launch — providing developers with the necessary data (such as price for DeFi) to plug into their products.

Hence, in order to build a strong infrastructure foundation, Switchboard has implemented our v2 iteration on the Sui blockchain.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • What we currently support
  • What to look out for
  • Links and resources to start developing

Read our #PluggedintoSui article to learn about our expansion to Sui.

We’d love to take the opportunity to thank Sui for supporting us to hastily kickstart the process of research and development, and eventually push production to mainnet.

What does Switchboard currently support

As Switchboard expands our oracle to support Sui, our products retain its values and familiarities to provide the best developer experience for the builders on Sui.

Bringing the Switchboard Experience to a multi-chain level


The Explorer allows developers to view live data feeds and integrate them with ease, by plugging in the feed address to their contracts to read the data.


The Publisher retains its features of the custom feed builder (with Web 2 fetch, Parse, Math, Logic task types readily available). With the Publisher’s core features of permissionlessness and customizability, developers can build, fund and manage their data feeds all on our application without the need of any form of contact or friction.

Read our thread to learn about our products.

What to look out for

We look forward to empower developers on Sui to build all kinds of blockchain applications, reach out to us if you have not! We’ll continue to update our Github and documentation to provide a greater developer experience to the builders in the Sui ecosystem!

Read our documentation to learn about integrating with Switchboard.

Read our Github to dive deeper about the Switchboard implementations on Sui.

And of course, wen Switchboard v3 on Sui?

Links and resources

Learn more about Switchboard v3:

Fill up the beta form to test and experiment with Switchboard v3 today:

Contact us:





More links: