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Dialed in with Switchboard: April 06, 2023

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Bringing back the ‘Dialed in with Switchboard’ series where we wrap up Switchboard’s endeavours every quarterly!

In 2023 Q1, Switchboard continues to strive for excellence in areas such as the ongoing Switchboard Expansion and growing our developer community!


Our statistics on Solana has improved overall, such as increasing our percentage of transactions to 8–10% of total Solana transactions; and other achievements like doubling our VRF requests count since last quarter.

Check out the dashboard here.

Switchboard 2023 Q1 Statistics on Solana

Community-led Solana Hackathon

Switchboard kicked off the year with a community initiated hackathon, Solana Sandstorm hosted by LamportDAO and Helius Labs.

Switchboard’s vision is to empower developers from any community and ecosystem to build seamlessly and permissionlessly. Hence, this hackathon allowed us to reach these developers to empower them via a workshop and grant to help them continue build their project.

From this hackathon, we hosted a Switchboard Oracle integration track where the most interesting use case will receive a $1,000 USD grant. At the end of the 2 week event, we received a total of 14 submissions out of 267 and 4 of these projects (including the winner) have continued to build till the time of writing.

More importantly, we managed to highlight to developers the ease of building on Switchboard and helped these developers to build unique use cases such as:

  • The first Formula 1 fantasy game using Switchboard’s data feeds to fetch real world events.
  • No-loss lottery protocols using randomness to derive a winner out of the participated pool.

The Switchboard Expansion

Apart from the community wins, in this quarter, we’ve expanded to 2 more ecosystems. We’re now on Core DAO mainnet and Starknet goerli-alpha!

Check out our Github links for Core and Starknet!

#SuiBuilderHero Award

Additionally, Switchboard received the #SuiBuilderHero Award where they recognize early contributions to the ecosystem and community.

Switchboard v3

Lastly, we’ve announced the ideas behind Switchboard v3 where the oracles will be implemented with Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), improving the security, aligning the incentives and eventually, empower more developers with the products built around the technology of TEEs.

Read more in this Twitter thread!


Switchboard continues to expand its oracle infrastructure to empower developers and build a strong, robust developer community to build, educate and share blockchain technology. Thank you for dialing in with Switchboard!

Looking to discuss TEEs, integrate with Switchboard v3 or partner with us? Follow our socials, check out our documentation and fill up our contact form!

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