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At Switchboard, we believe the future of oracle protocols is to expand across the ever-growing amount of blockchains — empowering any developer coming from any background, touching first base on any codebase, blockchain and ecosystem.

Question: Which chain?


Starknet is a permissionless decentralized Validity-Rollup (often referred to as ZK-Rollup). It operates as an L2 network over Ethereum, enabling any decentralised application to achieve unlimited scale for its computation — without compromising Ethereum’s composability and security.

With the features of being a scalable, composable and general purpose L2 blockchain, this inlines with the visions of Switchboard oracle protocol. Switchboard Labs is excited to officially announce the expansion of Switchboard protocol to Starknet blockchain!

What does Switchboard bring to the Starknet ecosystem?

By bringing our oracle network to Starknet, developers are empowered and equipped with the set of tools to fetch on/off-chain data to plug into their use cases. Data such as price, sports, weather data can be brought on-chain to bring many ideas into fruition and ultimately, enhancing the end users’ experience.

Additionally, being a permissionless oracle protocol, Switchboard has built a low-code interface on our Publisher app that reduces friction for developers. Instead of going through layers of contacts to spin up any data feed, on Switchboard’s Publisher, a developer can build their data feeds within minutes and have full customisability, management over their own feeds.

Ultimately, this will help enhance current and future developers’ building experience on Starknet blockchain. Take a look at our Twitter thread regarding The Switchboard Experience and the products that help to empower developers.

Wen mainnet?

Switchboard Labs is thrilled to announce the devnet implementation on Starknet! Check out the links below to take a look at the Github resources and documentation to start plugging data to build your use cases! to start building on devnet now! to learn more about our oracle architecture.

Join our community and build with Switchboard where you plug and play with oracles!

It’ll be electrifying.