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Switchboard Wrap Up 2022

· 5 min read

Switchboard Labs wishes our Operators, Publishers and everyone a very happy new year! In this year’s Switchboard Wrap Up, we’ll touch on these pointers:

  • Notable achievements;
  • The Switchboard Experience;
  • The Switchboard Expansion;
  • The Switchboard Ecosystem;
  • Teasers to Switchboard Unwrap 2023!

Notable achievements in 2022

Before we continue to embark on the oracle journey, let’s slow down and take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far in 2022.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Switchboard ecosystem and the developer community for pushing the boundaries with us, building a fully permissionless and customisable oracle protocol was not easy. However, this is just the beginning, read on the find out about … v3! *wink*

The Switchboard Experience

To expand on the aforementioned, Switchboard’s goal is to empower developers with all the data they need (from both on/off-chain) — with the least amount of friction to build a suite of products on blockchain technology.

To do so, we’ve purposefully designed the Switchboard Publisher app to be:

  • Decentralised 👉 Data catalog allows users to curate feed templates, contribute to leases.
  • Permissionless 👉 Feed builder allows users to design and customise their data feeds within minutes without the need of a middlemen, eliminating any friction for developers.

Read the Switchboard Experience Twitter thread to find out more!

We’re actively in discussion with partners and teams to improve on the Switchboard Experience such as developer tooling, documentation and examples. Help us help you by filling up this form or reach out to us through our social media (Discord, Twitter)!

The Switchboard Expansion

1 of our goals for Q3–4 of 2022 was to bring the Switchboard Experience to a multi-chain level. We’re proud to announce that we’ve natively implemented on these L1 blockchains! Here’s the quick links to the Switchboard implementation on each blockchain:

Switchboard’s ultimate goal is to empower ALL developers, regardless of which blockchain, programming language, etc to be able to fetch data effortlessly. With that, in 2023, stay tuned for more announcements on the Switchboard Expansion — Bringing the Switchboard Experience to a multi-chain level!

The Switchboard Ecosystem

Check out our Ecosystem page ( to find out about the products built on top of Switchboard!

Expansion leads to a bigger Ecosystem

As we expand to multiple L1 blockchains, the Switchboard Ecosystem evidently grows faster and stronger. We’ve experience a similar suite of products being built on the different features of each L1 blockchain.

Despite the variety of products already built on top of us, there are many uncharted territories and opportunities for interesting products using niche off-chain data — such as insurance protocols and decentralised prediction markets.

Hackathons and workshops

Apart from empowering developers by expanding to multiple blockchains, in 2023, we plan to conduct more workshops & hackathons with communities! This will ultimately provide both new and experienced developers to learn and build something cool with Switchboard. Read on to find out about our participation at a community-led hackathon by LamportDAO!

Switchboard Unwrap 2023 (TEASERS)

Solana Sandstorm Hackathon

To kickoff 2023, the community at LamportDAO has took the initiative to host a hackathon, Solana Sandstorm in January.

As an infrastructure protocol, we’ve provided an oracle-integration track to incentivise developers to build with our customisable data feeds or relying on our verifiable randomness! Stay tuned for more information.

Switchboard v3

In the current Switchboard v2 architecture, users rely on the consensus of Switchboard approved staked nodes (oracles) which means we must have heavy trust-assumption on these nodes running off-chain.

What if Switchboard v3 can solve this? Stay tuned!

We’re thrilled and can’t wait to share more! Currently, we’re testing this iteration internally and will provide more details as soon as it’s ready.

Switchboard Wrap Up 2022

Once again, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and cheers to the new year! We’ve achieve great feats in 2022 but let’s continue to embark on our oracle journey into 2023 with greater heights to conquer!

As we move forward, we’re looking for rockstars to join us in building the Switchboard protocol for developers just like yourself and empower them to build the next generation of blockchain technology!

All types of contributors across the board (such as marketing, community, smart contract development, etc) are welcomed! If Switchboard sounds interesting to you, reach out to us on Discord or send your resume to!

Find out about Switchboard here and deep dive through our documentation!

Find more of our links here!

Join our developer community on Discord and follow us on Twitter!