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Switchboard Oracle on Near Mainnet Alpha

· 3 min read

After 1–2 months of researching, building, testing and hardcore shipping, Switchboard Labs is proud and happy to present to you, our mainnet alpha implementation on NEAR!

In this article, we’ll discuss the following:

  • NEAR Foundation grant

  • What we currently support

  • What to look out for

  • Links and resources to start developing

NEAR Foundation Grant

In the past 2 months of research and development, we’ve been in active discussions with the NEAR Foundation about the NEAR ecosystem. We quickly learned there is a need for more projects contributing to the infrastructure of the NEAR ecosystem. In particular, tools that help support the developer experience.

Read our #PluggedintoNEAR article to learn about our expansion to NEAR.

We’d love to take the opportunity to thank the NEAR Foundation for supporting us with a grant to:

  • Kickstart research and development in the infancy stage;

  • Steadily push mainnet alpha to production;

  • Manage developer operations;

  • Fund initial set of first-party Switchboard sponsored feeds.

What does Switchboard currently support?

As Switchboard Labs expands our oracle to support NEAR, our products retain its values and familiarities to provide the best developer experience for builders across the chains.


As mentioned above, Switchboard Labs will sponsor a set of first-party data feeds to provide a quick start for developers to copy the feed address with ease and plug them into their programs to read the data. These data feeds are namely the top few cryptocurrencies and they can be found on the Explorer page.


The Publisher retains its features of the catalog and custom feed builder (with Web 2 fetch, Parse, Math, Logic task types readily available). With the Publisher’s core features of permissionlessness and customizability, developers can build, fund and manage their data feeds all on our application without the need of any form contact or friction.

Read our thread to learn about our products. Read our documentation to learn about NEAR integrations. Read our github to dive deeper about NEAR implementations.

What to look out for?

As we continue to improve and collaborate closely with various protocols on NEAR, expect to see new Web 3 fetch task types populating in the custom feed builder. Those task types will support fetching of on-chain price data from AMMs, CLOBs and more. Additionally, we will continue to update our documentation and provide developer support to current and new builders across the NEAR ecosystem!

We’re excited to be a part of NEAR and its ecosystem to plug into the next wave of blockchain applications. Stick around as announcements regarding workshops and more coming soon!





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