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Dialed in with Switchboard: March 14, 2022

· 2 min read

Dialed in with Switchboard is a weekly newsletter about the various on-going updates with Switchboard.

Jupiter Swap Task

Switchboard is in the final stages of testing its newly created JupiterSwapTask, which will be rolled out to the oracles in the coming days.

Jupiter Swap is a liquidity aggregator on Solana and provides users with the optimal route for a swap, ensuring they get the best price each time.

Switchboard currently allows publishers to build data feeds from a number of supported liquidity protocols, such as Serum, Raydium, Orca, Saber, and Mercurial. Switchboard’s integration of JupiterSwap’s SDK streamlines this process, allowing publishers to specify an input and output token and be confident they are being returned the best price for a given swap.

Check out Switchboard’s Job Directory for an example on how to use this new task.

Raydium Swap Integration

Switchboard oracles will now resolve the swap price for a given Raydium pool using the lpExchangeRateTask. You can find a full list of supported Raydium AMM pools in their SDK:

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Riptide Hackathon Submissions

Switchboard is offering up to $30k in prizes for the teams that best integrate Switchboard V2 in their hackathon submission. Make sure to fill out our form for added visibility on your project.