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Dialed in with Switchboard: March 07, 2022

· 3 min read

Dialed in with Switchboard will be a weekly newsletter about the various on-going updates with Switchboard.

Lending Rate Task

Last week Switchboard implemented the lendingRateTask thanks to the work of JetLabs with their @jet-lab/defi-yield-ts library. Developers can now source lending and borrowing rates for the top Solana lending protocols on-chain, opening the doors to new automated yield lending strategies.

Check out Switchboard’s Job Directory for some examples on how to use this new task. Also view the protobuf schema for lendingRateTask.

Mango Perps Task

Switchboard also added the mangoPerpMarketTask to resolve the current price of perpetual markets on mango. This can be combined with the twapTask to track the time weighted average price of a mango perp market and build automated strategies around it.

Check out Switchboard’s Job Directory for some examples. You can find Mango Market’s addresses in their @blockworks-foundation/mango-client-v3 repo.

Variance Threshold added to Publisher

The Publisher was updated to allow a configurable variance threshold field. The varianceThreshold dictates the change percentage required before an oracle reports a result on-chain. A Switchboard data feed includes a pre-funded escrow to reward oracles for each successful update. The varianceThreshold is a cost saving parameter to reduce excessive on-chain updates and extend the life of a feed. If an oracle resolves a value that is too similar to the last reported value, the oracle skips reporting a result and conserves the feed’s escrow. Note, some feeds may require the most up-to-date data so it is left up to the publisher based on their use case.

Switchboard Lease ConfigurationSwitchboard Lease Configuration

Query Aggregator History On-Chain

The switchboard-v2 crate was updated to 0.1.8, which updates the anchor dependency to 0.22 and added the ability to query an aggregator’s history buffer on-chain. An aggregator can be configured to store the last N results on-chain in a history buffer account. The rust crate now lets you query a history buffer and return the previous results value and timestamp. You can add a history buffer to your data feed using the Publisher on the Explorer App.

VRF CPI Example

The @switchboard-xyz/vrf-cpi-example was updated to show how a Program Derived Address (PDA) can be used as a VRF Account’s authority and sign requestRandomness instructions on its behalf. This allows VRF Accounts to be controlled by a program and have predefined update logic.

Switchboard V2 CLI

The @switchboard-xyz/switchboardv2-cli was updated to support account deserialization on devnet and mainnet for convenient debugging. Once installed, run the command sbv2 print PUBLICKEY where PUBLICKEY is any switchboard account, and the CLI will output the deserialized account.