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Switchboard x Riptide Prizes Announcement

· 2 min read

Switchboard is sponsoring the Solana Riptide hackathon with $30k in prizes for the top 3 teams that best integrate Switchboard. Less than a year ago Switchboard was founded after a hackathon submission and we are grateful for the opportunity to pay it back to the developer community.

Switchboard v2 allows for permission-less feeds — bring any public data point on-chain using a network of independent oracle operators. Switchboard recently released V2 of its Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF), which allows developers to request a verifiable random value, with proof verification entirely on-chain. Verifiable randomness brings new use cases to Solana and allows developers to provide open, verifiable lotteries in their on-chain programs.


Switchboard will be offering the following prizes:

First Prize ($15k): Best integration of Switchboard v2

Second Prize ($10k): Best use of Switchboard VRF

Third Prize ($5k): Most interesting integration of Switchboard

Project Ideas

Getting Started

You can find some resources below to help you get started building with Switchboard. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team on Discord, Telegram, or Twitter for help.