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Switchboard x GRAPE Network

· One min read

Switchboard is proud to announce a partnership with the Grape Network. The Grape Network is creating the building blocks for decentralized social networks paving the way for permission-less communities. Much like how the internet paved the way for how we think about and form communities, Grape Network is leveraging the Solana blockchain to take that to the next level. Utilizing the Solana blockchain, user interactions are amplified with on-chain data allowing different communities to interweave and form partnerships.

Switchboard is providing the on-chain oracle infrastructure for the Grape Network to leverage, allowing each data source to be vetted and aligned to user incentives. The Grape Network is currently using Switchboard to provide on-chain data for community metrics, like number of wallets and total value locked (TVL), as well as NFT metrics, like number of unique holders and number of NFTs per community.

Switchboard is excited to form this partnership with the Grape Network and can’t wait to see what they build next!