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Switchboard partners with Genesis Volatility to provide on-chain volatility data on Solana

· 2 min read

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Genesis Volatility, the leading provider of crypto options data, to provide volatility data on-chain. Options data has been one of the most requested feeds from projects building on Solana and we’re proud to work with Genesis Volatility, to bring it to Solana’s mainnet — starting today with BTC and ETH Implied Volatilities.

Developers looking to build on top of Switchboard can learn more about building on top of Switchboard with our getting started guide or dive straight in with our feeds explorer. If you’re building an application relying on on-chain data feeds or would like to see a certain type of data on-chain, we’d love to hear from you! Stay connected on our Discord / Telegram communities and follow us on twitter to stay on top of Switchboard’s latest developments!

About Switchboard

Switchboard is building a community curated oracle ecosystem on Solana. Switchboard’s goal is to enable censorship resistant access to all forms of data on-chain and to help power the next generation of decentralized applications on top of Solana.

About Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility is a leading institutional-grade crypto options data provider. Genesis Volatility allows option traders the ability to analyze key metrics of implied volatility, open interest, volume and realized volatility for seamless option trading. Their tools assist in identifying opportunities, managing risks, formulating better trade strategies, and efficiently analyzing historical data.