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sb solana aggregator watch

$ sb solana aggregator watch AGGREGATORKEY [-h] [-v] [-s] [--mainnetBeta | --cluster devnet|mainnet-beta|mainnet|localnet]
[-u <value>] [--programId <value>] [--attestationProgramId <value>] [--commitment confirmed|finalized|processed] [-t
<value>] [-f <value>]

AGGREGATORKEY public key of the aggregator account

-f, --outfile=<value> save results to a file
-h, --help Show CLI help.
-s, --silent suppress cli prompts
-t, --timeout=<value> time to watch feed for updates
-u, --rpcUrl=<value> alternate RPC url
-v, --verbose log everything
--attestationProgramId=<value> alternative Switchboard Attestation program ID to interact with
--cluster=<option> the solana cluster to connect to
<options: devnet|mainnet-beta|mainnet|localnet>
--commitment=<option> [default: confirmed] transaction commitment level to use
<options: confirmed|finalized|processed>
--mainnetBeta WARNING: use mainnet-beta solana cluster
--programId=<value> alternative Switchboard program ID to interact with

watch an aggregator account and stream the results