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sb aptos oracle up

$ sb aptos oracle up ORACLEHEXSTRING --keypair <value> [-h] [-v] [-s] [--networkId devnet|testnet|mainnet]
[--programId <value>] [-u <value>] [--profileName <value>] [-d <value>] [--releaseChannel testnet|mainnet |
--nodeImage <value>]

ORACLEHEXSTRING HexString address of the oracle

-d, --switchboardDir=<value> directory with switchboard.env to load a switchboard environment
-h, --help Show CLI help.
-s, --silent suppress docker logging
-u, --rpcUrl=<value> alternate RPC url
-v, --verbose log everything
--keypair=<value> (required) Path to AptosAccount keypair or config.yaml file
--networkId=<option> [default: testnet] Aptos network to connect to
<options: devnet|testnet|mainnet>
--nodeImage=<value> [default: dev-v2-RC_04_11_23_17_12] public key of the oracle to start-up
--profileName=<value> [default: default] If --keypair is pointing to a yaml file, provide an optional profile
to load. If none provided, default will be used
--programId=<value> Switchboard programId on the selected Aptos network
--releaseChannel=<option> [default: testnet] the oracle release channel
<options: testnet|mainnet>

start an aptos docker oracle